Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Smiling Must Be Such A Chore

It never fails to amaze me how friendships are so easily forged after one simple encounter. Things such as working for an event together brought me this bunch of amazingballs people whom i call my friends and have come to cherish and have fun together.

The times that we had were memorable
and the times that we'll come to have will too be memorable

It was Everything With Fries Day one random Sunday evening with these bunch of people at Holland Village to scout for good food and eye pretty ladies for the boys of course. They need their daily dosage of xmms and eye candies to survive.

ZZ, Jerome and Xenia

CC and I, whose just raring to eat his damn cheeseburger.

It was my first experience with EWF even though it opened like ages ago and i had the teriyaki chicken sandwich with skinny garlic and herb fries. It was quite delectable with the balanced proportions of chicken, salad and fries and was priced at $11.90 i think.
 Considered a good feat already cause recently, i've been trying food that are overpriced and not up to standard:( Super waste money only.

 Looking at this now makes me hungry! 

Group Picture!

The guys were quite upset cause EWF replaced all their xmms with male staff or old staff. So we headed to Daily Scoop for dessert and lo and behold! Pretty young things were sitting outside Daily Scoop giggling and chatting away. I tell you, cc got so excited he started combing whatever hair he had. Which is quite pathetic if you were observant enough in the above photo.

Once again, it was my first experience at Daily Scoop and we had the brownie with lychee martini ice cream and waffle with macadamia nut ice cream. The lychee martini ice cream is so good! The alcohol taste isn't strong at all for those of you who are worried about it!
 Go try go try!

ZZ did this when i asked him to tilt his head to be closer to Xenia in the picture.

And then he showed off his manly big guns. 

Jerome and CC

Xenia and I

With the exception of Jerome, the other two guys fail at smiling. You'll see what i mean later on

 Group Picture once more! See cc and zz's constipated smile?

Can you see CC putting in so much effort to smile?

At least ZZ has considerable improvement

Omg i love this picture of us. 
But i seriously need to teach those guys how to smile properly!

 Ending off with this epic, gangster, ahbeng feel photo of ZZ

Melissa :)

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