Monday, July 23, 2012

Guess Whose Back?

Back from a really long and crazy month of July where i've been so swamped with work and school that i haven't had any time to update my blog. I admit its getting hard to strike a balance between work, school and having time for a social life but July/August has and will be very busy months for me because i have so many commitments going on at the same time such that everything's over crashing and im feeling a bit overwhelmed. Its the first time my schedule book is filled to the brim even before the month starts and im always adding on additional dates and canceling and rescheduling other appointments. 

I just need to hold on till the month of August then its party and relax time. 

Anyway, Remember the Amethystory competition that i participated in? The top 5 contestants had to do a creative product review for a product of their choice so i did a video review for their Mineral Aqua Gel!

Here's some behind the scene photos 

I think they're slowly releasing the contestants' work so you'll be able to view my final product on their facebook page. So far, Mildred and Cassandra's work have been released so check it out on facebook! For mine, I dont think its my best work cause it was a bit rushed for me to complete it on time and to ensure that the video was within 1 minute. But i tried my best and results will be released this friday, 27th July 2012! 

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Gotta get back to my work now.
Till next time:)

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