Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cold Fashion


Its quite sad that in Singapore, we cant experience the four seasons. While i am satisfied with my rain and sun weather, i still dream of snow and cold winds blowing in my face. And so i travel to those places, where's there's frosty winds nipping at my face and mist surrounding me. I've been to China, Hong Kong and the States for cold weather. And in 2 days time, im going to travel to the mountains in Malaysia. Resort World Genting, here i come!

Now, it may not be very far, but a break away from school is still a luxury to me. And the fact that its cold (not snowing cold) but still cold is an absolute delight! Im already planning my outfits and i went to search for fashion inspirations to look good! I mean, where else can you wear boots and furry coats without looking like a dork or sweat waterfalls in Singapore? (Dont say Snow City, dont say Snow City)  Not all of us can be proud of wearing such outfits like the man i spotted in Orchard Road.
Communist and proud of it.  

I looked at Elle's New York Street Fashion and i am so in love with these outfits! They all look like models with their lanky legs and fabulous bodies and i am definitely stealing some ideas from these girls! Now if only i was taller and skinnier...

Love the minimal layering in these two outfits so that the wearers look chic and not like oversized dumplings and still keep warm!

The splash of colors in the first picture on the left brightens up the whole outfit instead of just boring monotonous colors while the second outfit just screams "Look at me! Im so cool!"

Everyone needs a faux fur coat in their wardrobe. Everyone

Now some basics that i think are a must bring for cold place and will never go out of style! I love the items in this picture especially the beige sweater top and the shoes! Not too sure about the leopard prints and hat though. I think its a little too much for Asian countries like ours but in Europe or the States, what fashion statements these would make! The orange bag also injects in a little vibrancy into the whole outfit instead of purely neutral shades.

Cant wait to pack for Genting and will do another blog post on my clothes when im back!

But im just a little girl,

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