Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Together in Holy Matrimony

I was invited for the renewal of vows by my two favorite dance instructors/friends, Larry and Michelle. Dressed in a stunning bustier gown with a lace skirt and a long train and adorned with a feather headpiece, Michelle looked like something out of a fairy tale mixed with a little Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City. The perfect combination of humble fashion together with over the top accessories, exactly her style. 
Looking pretty with her feather head piece

Stunningly long train 

Unique Flower bouquet

Larry, on the other hand looked handsome in his tuxedo suit but still added a bit of quirkiness and his personality into the outfit by pairing the look with his geeky specs.

Together, they made the perfect couple. The much envied husband and wife. 

The ceremony was simple and traditional. The wine pouring, flower throwing and "Yam-Sengs", everything that you'll expect at the wedding. There's really nothing much to say except to let the pictures do the talking. 

A picture of the dancers that were there to witness this wonderful moment between the couple. I had so much fun laughing and feeling all mushy and sentimental inside while watching the ceremony.  

Agnes, Vicky, Tabs, Xinyan, Queen Jo and I!

Jocelyn didnt wanna take a picture with me which explains my dramatically sad face!
My dance clique

It was a fun day at Raffles Town Country Club and it was awesome seeing everyone dressed up and looking good! I always have a good laugh with them especially Flamingo Tanna, the one with the pink hair, i snatched some of his photos to put it in this post. He's really good with a camera!
A pity the later on events ruin my day but looking back at this photos, i remember why it was still a good day in the end. No longer dwelling on unhappy stuff!

But im just a little girl,

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