Friday, March 9, 2012

We All Need Some Help

Dress Up Day (Classroom Style)
Jacket: Australia
Inner Spag: Marks and Spencer
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Shoes: Bugis Street
Bag: Random pushcart in Suntec

With Singapore's humid weather, it is almost impossible to have flawless and perfect looking skin without at least some sort of help from products designed to well, help us. For some of us, looking good on the outside equates to feeling good on the inside. In my opinion, looking good boosts my confidence level so to do that, i rely on my skincare regime, good habits, trusty face masks and nose packs to be happy, healthy and confident.

I've been using this Sexy Look face masks that i bought from Taiwan last year and i love the design of the face masks because it has the ear hooks that ensures that the masks wont drop, allowing you to move around freely without worries. But the best part of the ear hooks is that it promotes a lifting effect for the skin! No more worries of saggy skin and looking like a bulldog.

The amount of essence that they provide in the face mask is so generous that there is always remaining essence left in the packet after taking the mask out. It also smells like some fruity flavor without being too overpowering. They have different types of masks suited to the different skin types and im using the Q10 + aloe and the Red wine masks to promote calming, firming and hydrating benefits which is highly important to me. ( I always look out for hydrating and moisturizing skincare because i have super dry skin!) 

After using the masks, there is a slight tightening effect and my skin feels soft and supple. The one thing i feel that it is a problem is that maybe the masks might be a little oily for my liking. Or maybe the essence cannot be absorbed properly into my skin. I dont know why but that's my only complaint about this product. 

The Black Bean Nose Pack by Skin Food was recommended by one of my friends swearing that its one of her favourite products. So when one of them got the chance to go to Korea this year, we begged her to get tons of it from there because its way cheaper compared to Singapore's pricing.  I also begged for kimchi, being a huge huge fan of it, but she didnt bring it back :( Ohwell, so i was so excited to try this product because a lot of nose packs have failed me in the past and i pretty much lost confidence in nose packs but this one gets a thumbs up from me! I used it on my brother as well as myself and we both liked how the nose pack actually works, removing lots and lots of blackheads and dead skin!

The process is fairly simple and similar to other nose packs. You wet your nose, peel off the transparent film and paste the sticky side on your nose. Then you wait for about 15 mins and in the meantime, you can feel the pack drying and hardening up. Once its done, peel it off gently and wash the remaining black residue with warm water. Remember not to be rough and rip it off but give it gentle tugs and it will come off easily! And then be amazed by the amount of dirt it takes off. Unless you are one of those blessed with little blackheads and everything. Jealous....

On the other hand, i've been wanting to try out this product by Cure which works as an exfoliator for the skin. I've been seeing it around at drug stores such as Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy and i've been so impressed by the product every single time i try the sample on my skin because the difference is instant and very obvious.


Very cute feedback stickers on the product shelf!

The price of one bottle that can supposedly last you for approx 4 months.

Cure used on the left hand! See the major difference?

Cure used on the right hand! 

Im still hesitating because im thinking if its a need or a want!

But im just a little girl,

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