Saturday, March 17, 2012

Preposterous Manners Syndrome (PMS) and Miuee Wholesale

Its not just for us girls

I like to attribute today's post to the PMS people of our time. (I wrote this post on Preposterous Manners Syndrome (PMS) during my PMS. Haha.)
Any male or female at any point of time in their lives is exposed to this life sucking disease and must build immunity against this.

Because of the recent spate of twitter uglies that i've posted on my timeline regarding acting blind, being incredibly selfish and extremely retarded, it is possible to assume that this PMS disease is growing and spreading like a sick zombie virus and is the most prominent and obvious in public transports. Thats where you get the most complaints from anyone. Peak hour squashes and In your face porn. It just cant get any worse. 

Well obviously i wont go into details about my ordeals as it would be another lengthy and wordy posts on my complaints but i love what one of my dear friends told me and that is "To be the Singaporean that you want to be, and live my way the way i'll be proud of" Its pretty good advice and though i think just me is pretty insignificant in my opinion, it never helps to live a life with no regrets and doing what is right.

Semper Fortis, I Am Always Strong 

To cheer myself up and take my mind off unwanted thoughts, i indulge myself in a little retail therapy and came across this fabulous Korean clothing website selling clothes at wholesale prices! I got several items from them and i do love the pieces! The website is well organized and categorized so its a lot easier to search for clothings. And i do think that their prices are one of the lowest that i've seen! So if you ever want to dress up like your korean idols and break away from your usual, do shop at Miuee Wholesale!  

Do note that its a pre order so only order if you're willing to wait alright! Remember to always read the Terms and Conditions from different blogshops because you can never be too careful!  

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