Saturday, March 10, 2012

Little Things that can Make Your Heart Explode

Talking about the little things that can make your heart explode... with happiness. Very often we hear that "its the little things that matter" and truly they do. Small actions, gestures and words that people say or do can make us feel happy and make someone's day bright!

Recently, SMRT has launched a graciousness campaign that involves poems, calligraphies and reflections from fellow commuters on how to be a better commuter. The theme "Make it Right for a Better Ride" features posters such as the one below encouraging people to do good deeds. Its almost impossible to miss these vibrant, colorful posters all around your bus and train stations and some of the poems are witty and cute!  If you want a better view of all the different posters available, do go to this facebook page and like your favorite poster!

My favourite poster

So, over the past decade of being a public transport commuter, I've had my fair share of good and bad experiences. I've seen so many incidents on Stomp about bad and inconsiderate commuters and all these nonsense that makes people's ride terrible and unbearing. And it saddens me to say, but some of us are not gracious commuters. We do as we please without taking into consideration what others feel. While the basic "Give up your seat for those in need" is widely known and understood by most, i'll share some of my thoughts on the other little things that can be done to make a better ride!

Frown To Smile 1: Knowing your Ps and Qs

Being polite is the easiest thing to do without requiring any effort. A "Please, can you move to the back" sounds a lot less harsh than "OI! Move behind can anot?!" If i heard something like that, it would probably make me more unwilling to move and then later complain about the rude commuter on social networking sites.

Saying thank you to your bus driver probably makes their day a little brighter. Just like how i smile widely when a bus driver greets me as i board the bus. A simple "thank you" makes someone feel appreciated and after a long hard day of work, the feeling of being needed and appreciated is a bubbly feeling. If two simple words can make my day, wouldn't it make someone else's day too?

Frown to Smile 2: Keeping it down

Although music might be a universal language, but the various genres of music appeals differently to each individual. What you may like, someone else may not. Using earphones or turning your music down allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes without disturbing others. I seriously doubt you would like it if you're resting on the train and someone blasts heavy metal music. ( That is if you're not a heavy metal music lover)

While it is also understandable to talk to the phone while you're in the train, but by doing some voice adjusting and talking softly would make your information more private to yourself and make the journey more pleasant for others.

Frown to Smile 3: Take what you Need

People, Stop badgering the hand grips at the top! Its hard for the shorter ones like me who are unable to reach the top of the train like some of you can. But then as luck would have it, i meet people who insists on holding two hand grips instead of one and then smirk at me as i wobble unsteadily. I would understand if you're old and frail and need more support ( But if you're really old and frail, someone should have give up their seat to you) so there really is no reason why you should take up two hand grips for yourself. Two is not better than one. Please, only take what you need and leave some for others

Frown to Smile 4: Tone it Down

This is getting pretty popular as there has been more reports on outrageous and blatant public displays of affection among couples. So while others might think this is cute, we need to be reminded that although we are living in a modern society, there are still traditional and conservative people among us. I do not mean a peck on the cheek or a hug but major lip-locking or groping between couples. Do not forget that trains and buses are transport for the public. This includes children too. And by doing such actions, its like subjecting these kids to porn. This is not what we want.

So while we are getting more brazen and unabashed about showing our love and affection for each other, these sort of actions should be kept private between two individuals and not shared with the world. So the next time you want to engage in In Your Face PDAs, please think before you act.. and get a room.

So i hope you guys enjoy and make use of my little actions, big difference tips and please be reminded that this is my own opinion! Anyway, Join the "Make It Right For A Better Ride" Twitter contest and stand to win a pair of movie tickets! More details on

But im just a little girl,


  1. ahahaha it exactly what I would love to bitch about the actions/activities in public transports =.=

    1. Yes! i totally use social networking sites to complain!

  2. Great sharing and wish more people will read your sharing. Somehow sometimes its difficult to change the mentality of people who are in public transport. I have had my share of misery taking public transport and some are really bad bad and more bad.

    1. Thank you Nava.K! (: People like to push me into "invisible" spaces on the train! But i've had some very weird and strange encounters too! Like a woman talking to the empty seat beside her! It was so scary!