Friday, August 17, 2012

The Start of Something Amazing

My first day as a free woman and what do i do? 

Well, i caught up on my need for sleep, 
did some overdue room packing and cleaning, 
did a mini update on thy blog, 
watched cable, 
prepped for dance, 
 and headed to Gelato Cottage.
if you missed out on my post, here's the post right here

Finally, a dressed down day on a weekday! 
Dressed in my comfy tees and shorts and of course, added that much needed splash of color with my bright yellow bag. 
Where would i be without my vibrant colors?

New spot to take photos because of the amazing lighting due to the natural sunlight! The statement's a bit ironic cause the picture's in black and white but that's really cause i have itchy fingers and went to add effects to it to make it more vintage looking. 

Hahah. Who am i kidding? Pfft. -.-"

While ransacking my mother's cupboard, i found this cute notebook.

Gah! It's shaped like a sandwich and has a bite mark in it! 
That's because Yogi Bear likes to eat i think, but then again, who doesn't?

Gonna be busy preparing for my dance concert on Saturday! 
One More Day to the
Today My Life Begins Concert!!

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