Wednesday, August 29, 2012

When in Freo, Take Photos

Hello, here's another quick update from the land of friendly people who mostly do not work on Sundays. I am still loving my stay here and it is now the end of Day 4 and tomorrow, something exciting beckons me and i really need to sleep soon because it will be a long and eventful day.

Had a mini gathering with my friends and they brought me to this famous fish and chip places at Freo, otherwise known as Fremantle for lunch. (Dont ask me why they call it freo) Really appreciated the sacrifices they made to spend time with me despite them being busy with school work and having exams the next day. 
Thank You Barry, Matt, Kangwei, Pei Ming & Sam!

As the title implies, i took some photos of Freo but i couldnt truly capture the beauty of the place. You really have to physically be here to understand what im gushing about.
But, i still hope these pictures can give you a sense of what to expect and enjoy if any of you ever decide to come here.

And here are my 20 reasons why i love Freo: 

1. Beautiful blue skies

2. Seagulls waiting eagerly and patiently for your food

3. Seagulls marking their territory 

4. Kaili's Fish and Chips

5. Kaili's Seafood Platter

 6. The bustling sounds of happy foodie people and country music

7. Little girls glaring at you for taking their pictures

8. Little girls posing for you and then complaining to their mothers who subsequently gives you the evil eye.

9. Scary toy babies who are seated on the table like this

10. Pretty red ferris wheel cabins

11. Lush greenery that are ideal picnic spots

12. Relaxing to a view as  magnificent as this
13. Seeing your poser friend :)

14. Seeing adrenaline-rushing cars with slightly retarded plates.

15. Heading to Freo Market for amazing finds

16. Spotting guys like this

17. Gasping at beautiful yachts

18. Cooing over wistful looking dogs

19. Walking alongside amazing sea view

20. And meeting awesome friends

So that's about the reasons why i love going to Freo. 

Until next time,

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