Monday, August 13, 2012

Shit, im lucky

A missed call. 
I called back and a young lady picks up the phone.
"Hi, May i know who called this number?" 
She replies "Oh its you, its regarding your appointment next week, the doctor wants to see you today." 
"Today? But im at work. Is something wrong?"
"Why dont you make your way down first and the doctor will let you know during your consultation" 

Filled with a sense of doom, i try to comprehend what just happened and to calm my mind which was flashing several scenarios in my head, none of them good. 
Why did the doctor want to see me one week earlier than my actual appointment?
 Was something wrong, is there bad news?

As i sit nervously outside the waiting room, my life flashes before my eyes. Not knowing what to expect, i think of all the things I've yet to do and all the experiences in life that i still want to enjoy and go through. I looked calm and composed, casually glancing at my phone and checking my Facebook but inside, my heart was beating at the speed of a bullet train. 

The nurse calls my name and ushers me into the room.
 The doctor's sitting there waiting, looking at me. I couldn't read her face as she looked at my file.
 I couldn't tell what sort of news it would be. 
 "Have a seat" she says. 

I kinda blanked out as she explained my results to me. Like all you could hear was a slight hum of the doctor talking. Sort of like a blurred out version when someone's physically there but they're not listening. 

And then i heard it, "We think its mostly benign" and i popped back to reality.
 She smiles at me and say "this shouldn't be a problem for someone your age, a little surgery to remove it and you'll be okay." I secretly breathed a huge sigh of relief as i nodded my head and think how lucky i am.

It was perhaps the most nerve-wrecking moment i had ever been through. Even worse than getting my results for PSLE and O Levels. At that point of time i had so many conflicting emotions and i wasnt thinking clear. I didnt know how to react and what to do if it was really something bad. 

This isn't a scene from a movie and this isn't someone else's story but a true story from me. Something that just happened last week.

Its over now.
And im still alive and breathing.
I Am Okay. 

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