Monday, August 27, 2012

Greetings From Down Under!

I am in the glorious place of chilly weather and kangaroos right now and i am so in love with this place for the whole 2 days that i've been here. 
The weather's really perfect, the company is awesome and it's such an eye opener exploring this place, especially since this trip is my virgin experience being away on my own. 

Australia is nothing short of breath-taking picturesque places of lush greenery and beautiful blue skies and there's still so much more adventures that awaits me. 
Here's a few pictures for now. 
The internet here is a bit on the slow side so uploading these few photos were quite time consuming. Hence it's a short post.
No matter, i will update as much as i can!

 First sight upon arrival. 
5 hours in a plane is very very boring especially when you are wide awake

 The welcome party. Miss Fat Cat

All cute and fluffy!

 Childhood bestie and current room mate/tour guide, Sam!

 So suburban area i swear. 
Almost like walking onto a set on Desperate Housewives. 
A sight you hardly or never see on the sunny island we call home

 Sam and Kaitlyn aka Pei Ming

Spotted this pikachu hanging from a car. 
Wonder if it helps to give electricity... 

Speaking of pokemons, i chanced upon this individual who had charmander, squirtle and pikachu inked onto her arm. Sorry, no pictures of that, the lady was pretty damn scary.

View from the car 

We then headed to Fremantle, otherwise known as freo for the best fish and chips and meet ups with friends. I'll tell you more in the next post! 
Heading to bed now with just right temperatures that require no air con :)) #showoff

Goodnight people!

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