Friday, November 2, 2012

Bringing Things Up to Speed

Its been a crazy amazing roller coaster ride thus far and i should be back on a weekly basis to keep this alive. I love my blog and i love having my space to write and talk to myself. Besides, it's the only way of keeping my semi-okay journalistic abilities alive. Currently welcoming the start of November so im crossing my fingers and hoping that this is gonna be a good month! 
I realised im such a back logger/procastinator in photography uploads and well, almost everything. My australia trip hasnt even been gushed about properly and i have since lost track of where did i last stopped at. I think it was those gorgeous sand dunes at lancelin with the ah-mazing ocean view. Yes, the view still lingers ever so strongly in my mind.
Had the opportunity to do a road trip in Aussie and so i did.
Its virtually impossible to give up a road trip especially when it doesnt mean driving to Malaysia and back. Just take a look for yourself and see the mere 1/36 amount of pictures i took.
A Sea of Yellow

 I could cry just imaging if this was something i could wake up to every single day.
The sounds of water, the smell of the sea and just the natural beauty surrounding this place.

Those stairs were no joke by the way. No joke.


Stam being adventurous and trying to risk his life.

I terribly miss australia and though i want to keep on living in the past, in those memories, i know i must move on and think about my life back in sunny Singapore. Guess it isnt too bad with friends and families here. I guess if i really had the opportunity and chance to be there, i would do it in a heartbeat.
I dont know if you guys can see this or have seen this but one of my friends made these incredible video documenting our trip to Australia so if you're interested, here's the link:

Ending off with these cute little boy and his family who were whale watching with us.
Imagine just taking a short 5-10min drive to whale watch...
So jealous!!

PS: Good luck to everyone having exams (O's & A's)
It'll be over before you know it!
Till next time,
Melissa Melly Mel

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