Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Haven't done an OOTD in the longest time because of fat body woes but i'm getting better now. 
Anyway, my house gets great views of sunsets and many a times i was so tempted to get my camera and go take pictures but you hardly get an empty corridor without people walking up and down and giving weird stares. I got lucky this time so i grabbed the camera, grabbed the dog and took a few snapshots. 

This was just a casual getup for a makeup trial that i had to go to. Love wearing ripped denims and oversized tees over the weekends since weekdays im usually dressed in office appropriate clothes. 
I am the epitome of comfort wear!
 And also really glad to say that im starting to fit into clothes that were once too tight.

Here's a candid shot of my efforts in getting my dog to look at the camera. 

It's really not easy trying to get a dog's attention.

And something about this blurred shot just catches my interest.
Didn't realize Jelly still has her sad doggy eyes.

Till then,

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