Monday, July 15, 2013

ABC Dating - B

Here's the 2nd installment to our ABC Dating Challenge that Tim and i have decided to undertake. So the basic rule is to date based on the alphabet and we would come up with various "themed" dates just to make our dates a little more interesting than usual. So far, we've done "A" last week and so naturally this week was
B for Books.

Tim was all "MEH" about the idea because he's not an avid book lover unlike me who's a super geek when it comes to fiction books. 
But am pretty glad to say that he too got fascinated with his book, 127 hours, after awhile.

Sometimes, i make him read excerpts from my books and he cannot understand how i can read romance fictions that writes "kinky stuff" referencing to a 2 page long passionate kiss or a 4 page long intimate encounter. Which is why he likes to laugh at me when i show him those inserts. 
Yes, i read books like 50 Shades of Grey and romance fictions from Julia Quinn, Susan Mallery and Lisa Kleypas. But i also enjoy my thriller stories from authors such as Tess Gerritsen and James Patterson. 
Sci-Fiction just bores me. 

Most of the time, im very grateful for this guy of mine to be so indulgent in whatever i want to do and does it without complaining. (okay, a little complaining)  Am really glad to say that even though the date wasn't what he planned from the start, we both enjoyed that quiet respite of chilling and reading away.
Cheap Thrills.

Till then,

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