Saturday, July 6, 2013


Tim and I have been dating for awhile now and quite often, we find ourselves running out of things to do as a couple. Not that Singapore's boring but sometimes, dates are the usual dinner, movies or shopping as a couple because we've become quite boring and it's very troublesome to think of what to do all the time. So i came up with this ABC Dating ideas after coming across similar references on the web. 

Basically, ABC Dating is going on dates that follows the alphabet sequence. Every time you go on a date, you do something from the alphabet. For instance, your first date would be an "A" so you had to do something that started with "A" such as eat African food, try Acrobatics or do something Art-related. And then the next date would be a "B" date and then a "C" date and so on.
You get the drift.

And out of curiosity and spontaneity, we decided to do it and went on our "A" date and we came up with 

It's fun to step back into a favourite childhood haunt which was filled with nostalgic games like Bishi Bashi and Daytona  (can't believe i lost to 2 non-drivers) and overflooded with the usual teenage gangster boys and girls. Forgot how costly those games cost too but guess it's a once in a blue moon experience.
My brother and his girlfriend also joined us which made everything that much more fun.

And today, i finally realised i am that much shorter than Tim. 

Can't wait to try out the rest of the alphabets!

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