Monday, July 22, 2013


Image credits: STA Travel

After chancing upon this travel site with such good intentions, i'm very intrigued by their various projects and  am craving for the time, effort and finances to embark on such adventures.

Ever since my first volunteer work in distributing masks and food rations for the less needy during the haze, i am pretty much hooked. And at times, i really wish i can do so much more and give more but find myself constantly restricted by so many limitations. But finding about this makes me have an inexplicable need to just head out to one of their projects and lend a helping hand.The cost is reasonable, the duration won't require me to quit my job and the experience will be an eye-opening one for sure, be it good or bad. 

Definitely making this one of the items on my bucket list.
Hopefully i can cross it off by this year or at least next.

Till then,

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