Thursday, July 25, 2013


The past week was C in our series of exploring the alphabet dating experience and we were spoiled with choice with the tons of C-related things that we could do and ended up doing more than one C date. So the first C that we did over the weekend was 
1. Crafts

Because i had found lots of craft ideas for travel memorabilia that i really liked and was so inspired by them all that Tim and i went to get all our crafting supplies and promptly did up this unfinished piece of work. We included our favourite memories of our holiday trip but i regretted not collecting more interesting stuff and had to scrap hard for these few precious keepsakes.
Nevertheless, we will complete this craftwork and place it somewhere as a reminder. 

The second C thing we did was 
2. Creepy

Over the weekend, we also learnt how to make fake, gory wounds that look very creepy in real life and are planning to use them for our Halloween outfits! It was also Tim's first time meeting my dance studio family and im glad everything went well. 
Everyone approves:)

The very talented make-up artist, Michelle!

And lastly, we ended off our C date with
3. Cinema


Old school, traditional and very much still in use dating practice. 
Also, it helps that our movie was quite good in my opinion. 
Judging that i wasn't very excited to watch it in the first place, it turned out to be quite a pleasant ending to our C date.

Tim and i have also decided to add 1 more limitation to our alphabet dating experience and we're now going to budget each date to be $30 and below. It's gonna be a challenge in this money-sucking economy but i think going on these cost-efficient dates will help curb our spending ability and give a good gauge on how much interactive things we can do for a certain cost.
Hopefully we'll managed to work things out and i'll let you guys know how it goes soon:)

Till then,

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