Thursday, July 11, 2013


For Tim's birthday this year, we celebrated by flying him out to Phuket for a surprise island getaway with his elder brother and girlfriend and my elder sister and boyfriend. And the whole experience of our first time in Phuket couped with the adventures we embarked on with elephant riding, white water rafting, ATVs and cheap seafood was absolutely refreshing for the 6 of us. And very much thrilling for the "adrenaline junkies" that we were. 

Needless to say, we were all very reluctant to leave and get back to reality.

And it's literally a tradition to get these cotton singlets from Thailand

Too funny tour guide that kept calling me "Cheeky Monkey"

This time round, for my birthday travel destination, we are heading to Taiwan, the land of street eats.
My first experience wasn't too idealistic because i had food poisoning and lost my new camera the very first night. More excited for this trip since we're heading to new places to explore. 

We leave on 30 Aug (because we got a great flight deal) so that leaves us with about a month half to start planning our itinerary and sights we intend to see. 
Tim is leaving those up to me so i have to do all the heavy duty planning work. 
Just kidding baby, if you're reading this. 
I love you too:)

Till then,
Cheeky Monkey

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