Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Take a knife and dont forget to stab the heart

My cab uncle that drove me to pasir ris today had very cool 3D-like specs. Haha.

Decoders anniversary was a good load of fun. But the train ride back from pasir ris was more entertaining and fun. Shijia, Andy, Edwin, Sebas, Ansel, Me, and friend's name i've forgotten :/ heh. Half the journey was filled with magic tricks by shijia and the other half was me, andy, sebas, edwin and shijia complaining about early classes and assignments to rush out today.  Because my stupid comp is so laggy and annoyingly lousy, im so behind in assignments as they take me decades to upload a freaking software. Behind in Ecad, Pm, OOAD and MAD. which is actually all my modules. Seriously, suck balls man. Bah, im still wordpressing here. Kill me please.

Decked in a white tank, cute bunny short and a grey headband. Armed with music and bombarded with assignments.

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