Thursday, November 20, 2008

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16 random facts about me

1. I like sniffing my freezer because the cold air makes my sinus problem better.

2. I have a wierd craving for pasta.

3. Im not really allergic to prawns. Used to when i was young but it went away and i just developed a distaste for them

4. I really dont like seafood

5. I ever discussed the methods of suicide with my friends and found out the most painless way to go is to overdose yourself.

6. Kbox serves the chilli that my mother used to punish me when i was a kid and lied.

7. I cannot remember who my first kiss went to :X

8. I used to eat tubes of mentos extra strong mint, drink cold water and stand in an air con room after i bathed all at the same time just to try to see if that method gets me sick so i can skip school.

9. I ever turned _____ twice.

10. I used to pull my friends' pants down all the time in primary school

11. Until now, i still have a curfew of getting home before 10pm.

12. When i turned 18 this year, my mother gave me a bottle of bacardi to try. -.-" a bit tempted to tell her i've been drinking that since sec 3.

13.  i am a truly lousy alcoholic.

14. I used to have this mini crush on my poly classmate.

15. I no longer am 150cm but 149 because i've shrunk. &^*&^^%$@!$^%#

16. i have a total of 14 ex boyfriends and scandals :X


i dont feel like tagging others to do so.


  1. i burst out laughing at your random facts. :D yayy. lovelove. let's go snap pictures too. i got my cam just an hour ago. :D yay. AND I ACTUALLY WANTED TO BUY THE CAM YOU HAVE. DAMMIT. pfft. xD

  2. what to expect? We even have the same taste in cameras(: Need me to say more?