Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Meeting Blogger QiuQiu

Update: QiuQiu has tallied the total profits and donated $1270 to Gentle Paws.

When popular blogger, QiuQiu first blogged that she would be holding a charity flea at Scape, i was pretty psyched for a 22 year old mature girl. *pfft*
Firstly it was for charity, a dog shelter named Gentle Paws that she was helping.
Secondly, cause she posted up pictures of the things that she wanted to sell and some of them caught my eye! Tutu skirts, flowy dresses and tie dye shirts!
And lastly, because she mentioned that items were priced between $2-$10! Huge incentive!
So i made up my mind to drop by her stall and even though i went like an hour early, there was already a line forming outside her booth! Imagine girls queuing behind empty tables, a pretty ridiculous sight in my opinion, but did nothing to stop me from joining the queue.Hey why not? Its for a good cause!
 And besides, it wasn't that long when i arrived.
Fortunately for me, Tim was there to accompany me during the extremely boring wait.  He didn't mind standing in line with a bunch of girls for an hour plus and couldn't imagine what the fuss about the blogger was all about. But he still did it because i wanted to.
 Thumbs up for the most patient boyfriend ever!
Fast forward the massive queue which snaked from level 4 to level 5 and boom, QiuQiu arrives, smiling and thanking all of us for coming. Even came prepared with a huge bag of candy and distributed them among us. Readers/fans/queuers/people who went just cause its cheap and curious (Me) got to take photos with her when we were near the booth.
We were ushered to the booth in groups of 4 to 5 and were allowed 5 mins browsing time i think. So began the massive hunt of digging and pulling out whatever caught my eye and then quickly turning to Tim who stood at the back and getting his approval, either he smiles or he frowns. Hahah.
 A race against time.
Final Verdict:
I managed to come away with 5 items and paid $21 in total. Quite a good bargain since it meant that all my items were about $4 each. Sadly, all the things that i originally wanted to get were either bought earlier or reserved for the later crowds. Ohwell, im still pretty happy with what i got so here's a breakdown on what i bought!
(All photos were taken and edited with my S3)
1.Pale Green Chiffon Crop Top
2. Vintage Long Tank 
3.Floral Dress
4. Floral headband
Also seen on Cooper :D
The last item is a dress that isn't too flattering on me. So no pictures of that!
And lastly, my picture with QiuQiu.
She's really crazy tall in person and bend down quite a bit to even out our height difference.
 I looked too fugly in the photo anyway so this cartoon penguin shall replace me.  
Till then,
Melissa Melly Mel

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