Monday, December 3, 2012

The Truth

So in long anticipation to my previous "Getting Married" post, here's what really happened. No, i am not getting married. Not yet at least. However, my marital instincts and maternal instincts are acting up thanks to seemingly perfect family blogs that im stalking right now and pinterest. In a nagging feel to get married, move out to my own house and live my life as a married woman. I know, crazy it seems! Marriage at 22 may not seem young to the older generations but my ideal age had always been marriage at 27 - 29years old. Why, just last year, i scoffed upon knowing that my friend wanted to settle down by 21 and i was all like "So young?!" 
Now, karma bites back.  

But enough pish posh about my raging hormonal changes!
My parents celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary at MBS and for once, i brought my camera stand out to take decent group shots without having to stack my camera on top of tons of stuff. We did a mini photoshoot at the balcony of MBS because T and i wanted some photos for a project that we're working on (More about that next time) and we included my family into the shots.

Eyeballs please!

For the first time, people can say that my sister and i look alike.

I think MBS is so not worth the hoo-ha! 
Besides, showing you generic hotel photos is oh so boring considering that almost 3/4 of Singaporeans have been taking pictures and blogging about MBS. So nothing exciting there. Just for keepsake, here's one of T and i at the infinity pool. Poor boy could barely keep his eyes open in the glaring sun.

Having problems with uploading photos now cause of my photo limit. Gah! Need to figure out how to use flickr and photobucket now to add photos into my blog. Else i would just have to keep deleting past photos which i cant bear to!

 Till next time,
Melissa Melly Mel

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