Friday, December 28, 2012

The Same Old Resolutions

It seems like this year, i have been very faithful to my blog, albeit there were a few months when i went missing for awhile.
But overall, i did good:)
Looking back, 2012 has become one of the most incredible restarts that i've had with my blog. As always, every year has its ups and downs and strangely enough, i cannot remember any really outstanding or memorable things that happened in my life this year. Offhand, i cant tell you what were the worst moments or best moments in my life thus far. Maybe im not trying hard enough or maybe i just have a really bad memory. But i do know for certain that my loved ones (family + Tim + friends) have been an incredible source of joy, laughter and support for me and there is no way to thank them.
Oh, Australia just popped into my mind as one of the best moments in my life.
( And performing in a concert. Suddenly these moments start rushing to me like tidal waves)
Worst would probably be undergoing surgery at KKH!
Scary times. Okay, so far that's all of my memories.
On that note, my year has almost ended with today being the last friday of the year and the beginning of a long weekend and receiving news that my job is now going to be permanent!
Fancy title but really, im just an eCommerce executive
Seems like a great start to a new year, with me being a full fledged coporate worker stepping out no longer as a student, but as an adult. i dont even think i can be considered a young adult anymore. Bah! Taking on new responsibilities and it's finally time to recite the same old resolutions that i have been doing for the past few years.
It just goes to show how much procastination i have in me.

My top 10 things that i really need to get down and dirty with
(i kid, no dirty involved) 
1. Lose Weight/Tone Up/Do Something with your body!!
2. Love more
3. Need to dance
4. Keep up with your friends
5. Save money
6. Save more money
7. Travel while you still can. Go see the world!
8. Be good at your job. Learn everything
9. Cherish the people around you
10. Be positive and embrace whatever comes your way, good or bad
So basically, "Suck it up"

An advanced Happy New Year! to everyone and
thank you for being so nice to read this little space of mine.

Till then,

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