Thursday, December 27, 2012

Where Did the Clothes Fly?

 I didn't realised that i've stopped mentioning my fashion inspirations and am actually quite dismayed to find out that the last post was way back in July (read post here). I love reading about fashion from different perspectives because it means that a single item can be interpretated in so many variations and its up to you to decide which way you like the best.
And besides, dressing well means you'll feel good both inside and out.
Nevertheless, i am back with a bang and the list of people that i now follow regularly has since expanded, broadened and widened my eyes to the ever changing world of fashion. 
So here are the new reads on my "Go to Read" list.

1. Song of Style
all picture credits to
Asian fashion powerhouse, Aimee Song, manages to wow me away with her incredible love for pants and leather jackets, staple pieces that she's decked in most of the time. Her style is simple but her eye for layers, details and colour contrasts makes her stand out from other fashion bloggers. Her pictures are never short of amazing with the attention paid to finding a perfect spot for a photo, one that usually complements her outfits in so many more ways.
Additionally, having a knack for interior design on top of a great fashion sense seems too good to be true. Taking on projects such as building her own wardrobe (see above), which is in my opinion, magnificient, glorious and every girl's dream,
Aimee Song shows that she's not just a pretty face.
2. The Chriselle Factor
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Chriselle Lim, wardrobe stylist turned popular fashion blogger, made headwaves when she partnered with Michelle Phan, fellow youtuber to create fashion tutorials. But all that's in the past now and Chriselle has stepped out with her own personal channel as well as her own style. Rocking different looks according to her mood, her style varies from rocker chic, casual comfort or girly glam. Known for her fashion tips, DIY style and doing the impossible such as mixing prints, i find Chriselle fearless in her fashion escapades and an absolute delight to watch as she create masterpieces.
3. Rumi Neely
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Rumi Neely is... Rumi Neely.
Her style is unique, indescribable and fashion forward
Enough Said.
Not only is there fashion blogs to read about, but sometimes, getting fashion advice and inspirations can come from shopping websites which helps to pull out the latest fashion trends and go an extra mile by helping you to recreate looks so that you too can dress like a superstar at a fraction of the actual cost.
Looking and shopping at one single place?
 Hurray for multi-purpose websites!
My current favourite is J.Crew which provides great lookbooks and a wide variety of merchandise that's great for each and every event.
That's it for my fashion reads and hopefully (fingers crossed), i wouldnt wait 5 months to do another fashion post!
Till next time,

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