Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chasing away those Monday Blues

Have you watched the Avengers yet? 

If you haven't, dont forget to catch the movie at cinemas near you before its too late! Its such an amazing comedy and action packed movie and definitely the highest praise goes to Joss Whedon, the director of the show. I absolutely loved it and was thrilled when gave me a free pair of tickets to watch the movie at Shaw Lido on Monday! It definitely helped to chase my Monday blues away cause i was so excited at winning something free. I know right, what a dumb excuse. 
I had already watched the movie once so when i received the free tickets, i offered them to my brother and kept giving him spoilers. Haha. Here's some pictures before his date arrived.

Shaw Lido's cinema is such a good place to take pictures cause of the extremely good lighting from their huge glass windows. 

Him looking happy with the free tickets

A pity i didnt take a picture of my full outfit! However if you are following me on twitter, you would have saw my tweet that it was a very biker/rocker inspired outfit. I wore a peachy pink dress that i previously got from Bangkok and jazzed it up with a biker jacket, black wedges, black accessories and of course, my Facebook ring. 

Timmy came over to look for me in town cause i was alone waiting for my brother to watch the movie and we headed over to Tampopo for some of that black pig deliciousness(:

The only decent shot we managed to get, the rest were all shaky and blur thanks to timmy's amazingballs camera skills.

My black pig deluxe something ramen! Its so so good cause i like thin and hard noodles and pork broth soup with spicy flakes in it

Timmy's stone grilled beef cheese curry rice

We had such a riot laughing over the stone grilled beef cheese curry rice cause we were trying to say it fast and it just became a tongue twister for us. And then it became beef cheese chilli fries.. from Carls Junior. Try it, knock yourself out. 

In short, my Monday was a pretty awesome day! Thanks again to Nuffnang for the free pair of tickets and i got to see famous bloggers too like Qiuting, Sophie, Miyake, Yutaki and Beatrice Tan who were at the movie screening too. Plus getting ready for the movie and just heading for a night out in town with good company makes everything so happy and fun and i am surely not suffering from any depression that its Monday again. Maybe because i am unemployed and can sleep in as late as i want :x Sorry, this routine wouldn't last long anyway and soon, i'll be griping and bitching about Mondays alongside with the rest of the working/schooling world. 

 So... how did YOU chase your monday blues away?

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