Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dim Sum Foodies and I'm in Jail

What did you do for your Labor Day Holiday this May? Catch up on some long-needed sleep? Do homework or met up with friends that you didnt see in a million years? A public holiday is awesome, a time of well deserved break from everything but also spells crowds in any and everywhere. Massive crowds. (random thoughts)

So anyway, i spent the day with lots of family time with both my mum and my dad sides. Went to turf city's Ah Yat's Seafood Restaurant for dim sum with my dad's side and honestly, i dont think i like dim sum very much. Its definitely not my favorite choice for food and if i had to choose brunch, i'll definitely pick my Eggs Benedict and pancakes over siew mai and chee cheong fun. 

My younger brother and i, everyone always tells me we look alike. And every time we go out,  people always assume we're a couple. HAHA. even my mum says so. So incest-ish with my 6 years younger brother.

Xiao Long Bao, Fried tofu and more dim sum

My Century Egg porridge

Cousin, Grandma, Dad

Stef and Kevin

 My Parents! Who do i look like? Mum or Dad?

Stef and I

Mum and I

My 2 nephews and my cousin-in-law!

Anyway, dont get me wrong, its not that Ah Yat's dim sum sucks or anything. My mother raves about this dim sum place cause she says its really good but i think its just my taste buds problem or i just dont have that kind of lovey emotions towards dim sum. It tastes alright to me but dont take my word for me cause i cant tell good dim sum from bad dim sum. There's just two categories for me and it comes down to either "I like" or "I Dont Like". Just like how i cant tell why Lao Ban's beancurd is nicer than any other beancurd. It all tastes the same to me and i cant tell them apart. I just call them beancurd and eat them. 

So not a food expert.

After dim sum, we went to my grandfather's place at Holland v before heading back home for some rest and relaxation. Im a lot closer to my grandfather from my mum's side while my sister is closer to my grandmother from my dad's side. But i love them both, obviously.

Anyway, ending off this labor day post with a picture of me in my balcony. Laughed so hard when i saw this cause it wasnt my intention to pose like this. I was just trying to capture my outfit and then at the spur of moment while my timer was blinking, i decided that i would take a more artsy photo of me in a pensive mood but it came out like im in jail and im looking longing at my freedom. What in the right mind was i trying to do?! 

Anyway, that's my outfit for my labor day activities, somewhat preppy, very comfy.

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