Monday, April 30, 2012

Heaven in Home

I dont know why but i like staying at home. A lot. Because that place away from the hustle and bustle of life is my sanctuary, my haven and the cheapest place i can be. With everything provided for me, there's really no where else i rather be. Or maybe im just a stay at home girl who doesnt like to go out cause the sun is so hot and everything else hurts my wallet.

But its my home that spots a fantastic view outside, cooling appliances, free food and entertainment that appeals to me. Decked out in comfy wear, relaxing and chilling, blogging and being me in my unfinest and ugliest hour. I can sleep and eat anytime i want, i can stalk people's fb profile anytime i want,  i can put up my leg anytime i want, i can sing loudly and off-key anytime i want. 
i can freaking do anything i want.

I can be whoever i want in the house. A maid, a girl, a slob, a bitch

Doesnt that reek "awesome" to you?

1) Absolutely no judgement on looks

Specs, no makeup, comfy clothes

2) Unlimited Free Food

Ice Cream, ice cream, more ice cream

3) Retail therapy

Wide selection of clothes but i only got one picture here :x

4) Entertainment

My home, my heaven.
It has little bits of me and my family in it. All my personal stuff, things that define who i am (right now my table and unpacked bed defines me as a slob) and my memories. 

But im just a little girl,

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