Thursday, April 26, 2012

Can You Imagine Me, as a Soldier?

I've been away for pretty long on my blog cause its been a rough past week. Im not going to go into any details or tell why because its such a majorly depressing and sad sob story. The bottom line is i was so out of it last week and i was super moody and feeling-less (if there's such a word)  hence the lack of updates on this personal space of mine. However, things have been looking up this week and my mood is definitely lifting up with the encouragement of my friends, you know who you are so thank you guys.

In case any of you forgot who i am in the past week, this is me, typically

And this is me, acting cute as usual 

Please dont puke.

Over the last week, there were a lot of commotion and buzz about the retarded netizens from the online community who were mocking NS men for being weak. Now these remarks went straight to my head because my dad is a SAF personnel and all of us definitely have some current recruits or former recruit friends and i was pretty riled up by those thoughtless statements. I shared the page link on my Facebook profile and added in a F*** you B**** to express my anger. Not exactly the smartest thing to do, especially since i have my family on Facebook but that literally was my reaction at that time. That post is now taken down but here's what i still have to say about the issue.

True Story.

Following all that hype from that issue piqued my interest in reading up more on Singapore's army and having a career there. I started off with reading up on being a DXO, defence executive officer followed by the other career paths such as SAF intelligence, army, navy and air force. I read the individual job scopes and being a DXO, sounded pretty damn boring to me, sitting in an office, making policies, communication plans. Not my ideal kind of job since i think im quite a hands-on kind of person. Then i started reading about girls BMT (basic military training), WOCC (women's officer cadet course) and i wanted to do that. No, seriously, the more i read up on it, the more i wanted to try it out. I told my dad and my brother and they literally gave me "HAHA, ya right, you're crazy" face. especially my dad, he looked at me in disbelief, shook his head and continued watching his show. 

So nobody believes me and i somehow dont believe myself either, and i know the training is not gonna be a walk in the park for me, someone who cannot do a single chin up, probably runs her 2.4km in no less than 16mins, waking up at 5am in the morning and doing PTs or route marches, having the strength to carry my rifle and field pack and being out in the jungle where there's *gasps* creepy crawlies. 

Its such a joke for me to be in the army, training. The only thing i'll probably be good at is camouflaging, cause no one can see me because of my height and squealing when im all dirty and grimy. But i do have to say, im keeping my options open on my career paths and if the time comes and i need to choose, im keeping an open mind and being in the army is definitely gonna be one of my choices. 

So, can you imagine me being a soldier?

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