Monday, April 16, 2012

Not Just For Walking

First of all, i am a shoes person/lover of shoes. I dont need new clothes or new bags (its more a want) but i definitely need new shoes. I love having new shoes! And i absolutely love any type of shoes.

My Nike, Adidas shoes, heels, wedges, sandals, flats, slippers. OMG. Super love them. I never think i have enough shoes and im always complaining to my parents about my lack of shoes and they usually respond by giving me the "WTF are you talking about?" face and exclaimed loudly "You have the most shoes in the house!" I  know i know. Im greedy...

So i decided to do a random update on my shoes that i used for dancing. Got inspired after one of my friends saw me in a different dance shoe and said "How many shoes do you have?!"

Disclaimer alert: Im not bragging about the number of shoes i have here or trying to show off alright. Most of the shoes were bought with my own money so dont be hating please.

Its only a very small collection of shoes, I've known others who have way more but im happy with mine and cannot wait to add more to the collection!

1. White/Pink Nike Air 

 2. Black/Gold Adidas

3) Superman Edition Converse

4) Purple/Blue Osiris Skater Shoes

5) Blue/Yellow Nike Dunks

 6) Purple Nike Dunks

 7) Red/White Adidas High Cut

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