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Do Not Read This Post If You Want To Keep Your Happily Ever Afters

You sure about this? Re-read the post title again and think carefully... The choice is yours. Dont say i didnt warn you(:

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Well if you insist on reading it...
So basically, this post is about the truth behind our family favorite childhood stories such as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. I gasped in horror as one of my friends told me the morbid details behind one of the fairytales but it piqued my curiosity and i did more digging and unveiled more skeletons behind the closets of our fairytales.


We all remember the maid princess who had a curfew by 12am and  ran away in a pumpkin and left a glass slipper behind for the prince to find. And then the step sisters tried on the shoe but couldn't fit until Cinderella came and tried it on and it fitted her perfectly and they both lived happily ever after. Right?

Wrong, the original story went something like this, the eldest step sister couldn't fit into the glass slipper because her toe was too big so her evil mum gave her a knife and told her to cut her toe off. She did and forced her feet into the glass slipper however, blood seeped through her stocking and the prince found out that he was tricked. 

The second step sister also couldn't fit into the glass slipper because her heel was too big, so once again the evil mum gave her a knife and told her to cut her heel off. She also did and forced her feet into the glass slipper however, blood also seeped through her stocking and the prince found out  again that he was tricked.

So out of anger, the prince ordered a bird to peck the evil stepsisters' eyes out and then went on to live happily ever after with Cinderella while the step sisters became blind beggars who roamed around the castle grounds, one without a toe and one without a heel.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty's fairytale was that she pricked her hand on a loom and fell into a sleeping curse until the Prince Phillip came and rescued her. True love's kiss broke the curse and awoke the sleeping princess and they lived happily ever after. Right?

Wrong Again! Sleeping Beauty's prince never came to find her but instead, the king/her father was horny and raped her. Not once, but twice and she gave birth to two children while she was still asleep! (i know wtf right)  She only woke up when one of her children sucked a piece of flax off her finger. ( the flax was the thing that was keeping her asleep) And poor little sleeping beauty woke up to find her horny father and her two children.

The Little Mermaid

The little mermaid went to the witch to change her flippers into legs so she could become a human and marry the prince. In the end, the prince realized that she was the princess that he had fell in love with when her voice came back and together, they killed the witch and lived happily ever after. Right again?

Wrong Wrong Wrong! When little mermaid became a human, she became a servant to the prince so the prince never realized that she was the one that he fell in love with. Instead, he married another princess whom he thought was the one and little mermaid remained a servant. However, her mermaid sisters went to the witch and begged her to turn their sister back to a mermaid. The witch agreed and passed them a dagger and told them that the only way their sister could change back into the mermaid was to kill the prince. Sadly, the little mermaid couldn't do it and committed suicide by drowning herself in the sea.

Snow White

The queen was jealous of Snow White so she ordered the huntsman to kill her however he couldn't bring himself to do so and left her in the company of seven dwarfs. When the queen found out that Snow White was still alive, she decided to kill the princess herself and gave a poisoned apple to Snow White. Snow White ate the apple and died and just so happens that a prince was passing through and saw this lovely dead lady in the coffin and decided to kiss her. True love's kiss once again did its magic and Snow White rose from the dead and they lived happily ever after.

Right to a certain extent. The prince did passed by and see Snow White dead in a glass coffin but instead of kissing her, he decided to bring the dead Snow White back with him so that he could admire her in his castle. (i think he didnt learn about science or forgot how decomposition works) On his way back with her, their horse stumbled over a tree root and the poisoned apple that was stuck in her throat flew out and she awoke. And then they lived happily ever after but not before the Queen found out and decided to kill herself by dancing on iron hot shoes till she could dance no more.

True Stories

So there you have it, the ruined memories of your childhood fairytales.
Till next time!

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