Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Up Up and Away Part 1

Hello dear all, a quick update before i divert my attention back to my stressful, word count not moving essay that is due this Friday.

2 weeks ago, i packed my bags and took a 7 hour long bus ride to Genting Highlands with a bunch of crazy dancers from Natasha Studio. Situated in Malaysia, Genting is well known for its casino and theme parks so avid lovers of roller coasters and fun rides should visit this place. 

See the vibrant colors against the scenic backdrop of the clouds in the sky!

A perfect short getaway from the hustle and bustle of our city life, a blast of cold air hits me just as soon as i stepped off the bus and i cant help but take in the cooling weather and fresh air, a change from Singapore's sunny climate. I am struck by the beauty of the mountainous regions of Malaysia as mist slowly descends and engulfs the area in an almost surreal and dream like landscape for all to marvel at. Its almost like im not in Malaysia.

A group shot of all who went! With the bright lights and exposure in this photo, we looked like we're in heaven
Anticipation for the theme park rides!
 From top left to right: 
Joshua- "No Kick",
Mel-"Scared still must look cute!"

From bottom left to right: 
Eugene-"Need to Pee!", 
Juncheng-"No Fear!", 

Conquered most of the rides!

For those of you who know me, i dont like roller coasters. The feeling when your stomach sinks and the adrenaline rush that some people get from roller coasters is not fun at all for me. Every single time im on the roller coaster, i'll be thinking "Shit why did i get on" and "When is this gonna be over?!".  Im just more of a bumper car kinda girl(: 

There's still a lot more things that we did while at Genting and for those of you who have me on Facebook, you probably would have seen the very embarrassing three parts video that one of my friend shot, edited and posted on our activities in Genting. Almost all stupid or dumb stuff was done by me. #foreverthrowface 
For those of you who didnt manage to watch the videos, I've posted up the links to the videos here so you all can take a good laugh at me and if my being stupid and retarded makes you happy, by all means, enjoy the damn videos.

So thats the end of the part 1 edition of my Genting trip! Stay tuned for Part 2 soon! Im gonna end off with this epic i dont know what we all doing photo! #maybeitsjustme.

But im just a little girl, 

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