Sunday, April 8, 2012

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Hello, i've been away pretty long and its all due to my studies! And i have to say its really hard to juggle between updating my blog and doing my assignments BUT its almost over and i get to take a huge sigh of relief! 

So remember when i went Genting 2 weeks ago (Read my Genting post here!) because i was so excited to wear "cold fashion"! Remember remember? Okay if you dont, The post is up here! So you guys can re-read it and refresh your memories. I only went for 3 days therefore i only have 3 outfits to show y'all..(duh)

PS: Genting wasnt exceptionally cold and the lowest it went was 17-19degs so there was no chance for me to wear like fur coats and all even though i did bring :x

Day 1
Tank - Unknown
Jeggings - Uniqlo
Cardigan: Purpur
Navy-blue flats: Covet

Outfit comments: 
As it was a long day on the coach i had to dress myself comfortably and warmly cause i wasnt sure whether the bus would be cold. I dressed in neutral tones with my stretchy nude tank and my absolute favorite black jeggings (jeans leggings) from Uniqlo. Also paired it with a slightly sheer chiffon cardigan from Purpur, another one of my favorite buys. Its lightweight material, and simple white protected me well during cold breezes and kept me cool during the hot spells. A dual purpose for one very pretty piece. Completed the outfit with dark blue flats which were comfortable for exploring Genting!

A full length shot of my entire outfit with the fattest man on earth and my pretty friend, Xinyan(:
* i cant see if my eyes are open or close in this picture! #smalleyesproblems

Day 2
Beanie- Winter Time
Oversized sweater- Uniqlo
Yellow shorts- Batam
Stockings- Random shop in JP
Furry Boots- Muji

Outfit comments:
Very Korean-inspired outfit with the oversized sweater (actually a pajamas top) from Uniqlo again  which covered my very nice cutting shorts. Love how the yellow shorts feels like its tailored made for me and adds a splash of color from my dull neutrals again. Sadly you cant see it in this picture because the oversized sweater is too long! Add on dark grey stockings for contrast and cute fur boots to complete the look. I didnt wear the beanie out in the end cause i felt that i couldn't pull it off and it made me look like a condom tip. Plus, i was heading on to high speed roller coasters and windy rides and i didnt want it flying away and getting stuck on some track and then we'll all die like final destination 3. #overactiveimagination

can see my yellow shorts peeking out!

with very cute fur coat and very cute but tall xiao didi, Tai Quan, my buddy for the trip! (:

Day 3
Crop Top: Bangkok
High-waist shorts: Bangkok
Fur Coat: Heartland Mall
Slippers: Rush

Outfit Comments
Day 3 was a lot more simple because we were heading back in the afternoon. I actually risked going out in shorts and and crop top and thankfully, it wasnt too cold out. More windy and cooling than freezing ass cold. I dressed comfortably again as it was another 7 hour journey back to Singapore but kept the fur coat with me in case i got cold anytime. Bought my main two items from Bangkok at a great price and love how they are extremely comfortable! Just like all my fashion outfits in Genting, i mixed neutral and bright colors with the nude top and bright turquoise shorts.

In my fur coat and with a group shot of everyone! 

But im just a little girl,

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