Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hearts On Fire

Been fooling around with my uncle's portable tripod and i love how i dont have to use my hands to take photos anymore. Thats why im keeping my hands to myself now! Haha. Should really get one of these tripods. So lightweight and useful.
Tsk at that messy hair.

I wore this bright orange skirt and cute heartsy top to cheer up an otherwise gloomy, rainy Monday morning. Love how the color of the skirt paired with a skinny blue belt stands out nicely from the rest of the neutrals!

A close up on the chiffon hearts top. So cute, i mad love it! Hehe

Randomly thought that i should call this outfit the "Hearts On Fire" outfit. Cause there are hearts on the top and the orange skirt can represent fire. Hahaha. I am genius :)

And then, coming home to a view like this marks the perfect end to a day. Enjoying my life at the moment that it is in right now.

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