Friday, May 25, 2012

Great Balls of.......

(all you dirty minded fellows)

Chanced upon these huge furballs at my house downstairs and they were attracting quite a crowd. Being my usual kaypoh self, i also wanted to take picture and show you guys so here.

Look at that massive dog which is either too lazy to walk or too fat to support its own legs thus the pram. Sort of reminds me of the forever friends bear!

Look alike right?

The owner must have a hard time taking good care of the dog and they dont just have one but two pooches. Except the other one's black but also sitting comfortably in the pram. I didnt think it looked very cute so i biased and only take this cream colored dog.  So pampered tsk but i think cause of Singapore's hot climate, the fur coat must be extremely  hot thus the two seemingly useless but pretty colored fans are needed.

Another gigantic dog spotted at my area downstairs. This dog is frequently spotted because it belongs to the jewellery shop owners who also have a Jack Russell who's always overshadowed by its fellow mate (literally and non-literally) because everyone's so interested and curious in this big fellow that no one really bothers about the common tiny Jack Russell. So it always runs around and barks for attention. But really, no one gives a shit about it. 

Baby bear-sized dog that's almost or already bigger than me.

See, that bugger begging for attention while the big one lavishes in the attention of the public.

Everyday just relaxed in the aircon and shiny bling of the gold jewellery. #likeaboss

This dog's a lot more popular and even has its own facebook page. I received the slip of paper containing the links but i've long lost it. If anyone really wants to add this dog as a friend, let me know and i'll go get the link for you. Free anyway. Why not right? I doubt anyone will judge you for having a dog as a facebook friend. Will they? Cause i do have a dog on my friend list :X

Now since we saw so much fur, i shall compensate the over indulgence of fur balls by showing you this hairless guy. Saw it at the grooming shop and decided that it looked hideous. Maybe cause its facial hair isnt gone yet. I dont know? 

Is this a new trend or something?


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