Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dear 16 year old me

For those of you who are well past your 16th birthday, did you ever imagine what it would be like to ever meet your 16 year old self and talk to it?  It just came to me and this is what i would like to say if i ever met my 16 year old self.

Dear 16 year old me,

Hi, its really awkward looking at a younger version of me and its like deja vu because i've definitely seen you before. In fact, I was you. By the way, don't keep cutting your hair really short. You honestly dont look too good and will most definitely regret it in time to come because you will refuse to acknowledge or show any pictures of yourself to anyone. You seriously look better with long hair.

And stop fighting with Mrs Goy over the teachers' day concert, she'll get her just desserts in time to come. (Hint: She's no longer a "Mrs") So dont be too rebellious with her, just stick with it and let her do the things that she wants. If you throw a tantrum, you're at the losing end cause eventually you'll have to apologize to her. So not worth it. And besides, you wouldn't want to miss out the opportunity to experience dancing for the first time. You'll learn to love it massively in future and go on to other genres besides Pussycat Dolls "Buttons".

Please dont let that one person mess you up badly. Its not worth it and you'll let it affect your O levels. You'll meet nicer people in the path that you'll take and they will treat you right and appreciate you for who you are. I assure you that there's definitely someone better in your future waiting for you.

Always remember to treasure all the time you have with Team7 right now, they're an amazing bunch of people who will make you laugh and give you unforgettable memories. You'll slowly lose touch but its okay, once in awhile you guys all get back together again and its quite cool how everything picks off the way it was before. Oh, and some people in school will change. The change will surprise you and you'll never expect it but they're moving on to greener pastures and letting loose so respect them. Its a really lucrative business.

And finally, enjoy your secondary school days right now, you'll miss it so much in the future. Always have fun in what you're doing and remember to play when its time and study when its time. Stop watching your Power Ranger and Tom and Jerry CDs all the time and study more! Enjoy your life and live for the moment. Remember, "life is short, and so are you"

Ps: Dont wear that white tube dress for prom. You look major retro and puffy in that!

I hope to see you in time to come,
Your future self. 

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