Sunday, May 20, 2012

Doing Stupid Things Since the 90s

If you have been following me on twitter, you would have seen me twitted that I accidentally formatted my memory card. :x Dont ask me why i suddenly decided to fiddle with the buttons on my camera because it's probably just one of the stupid things that im capable of doing. But i thought that the format in the camera meant the format of pictures, ie: jpeg, png and i impulsively, happily and very smugly went to press that button. In 3 seconds, every single thing in my memory card disappeared :(( Im majorly upset now cause there were a lot of good photos that i liked and wanted to use and post them here but now all i have is a "No Image Found" sign on my memory card. All those memories that i wanted to keep poofed into thin air and vanished. Literally gone in the wind. ARGHHHHHHHH!

There were so many things that i wanted to blog about but its no fun having all words and no pictures cause its just BORING and also because I dislike reading really text heavy stuff without any visuals. I feel its too overwhelming on the eyes. So that explains the lack of updates for last week and probably the future lack of updates until i build up my database again :x

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