Monday, May 14, 2012

The One that gave me Life

My mother is one of the strongest woman i know and have come to love and appreciate her. She shares my love and passion for dance and never stops trying to enjoy her life to the fullest. Over the years as i went through my rebellious stages, she has never failed to stop loving me or bring me up with the best that she could provide and to be the best that i can be. I am thankful for all that i am and all that i've become. I only hope i can make her proud of me as much as i am of her.

Happy Mothers Day.

My family did an advanced Mothers Day Celebration on Thursday cause we were worried about the crowds and price jacks by restaurants over the weekend and that all of us were free on that day. So since my mum didnt want to go far, i suggested Mayim for dinner. Mayim is basically a Chinese restaurant that serves Chinese food. Haha. No seriously, i like that its a cheaper alternative to other atas restaurants like Din Tai Fung and Crystal Jade but still serve its customers with delicious food! Remember to go early or before the dinner period if you dont want to wait for a table! My family waited for about 15 mins before we managed to get seated. 

Took a picture of my Disney ring while waiting for my food.

My older sister and younger brother

Siblings! Bran, Stef and I

Some of the dishes that we ordered. Sliced fish, french beans, tofu in a pot and mashed potato balls (sorry i forgot their actual dish names)

My la mian noodles! Looking at this makes me hungry again

The total bill came up to about $82 for 8 dishes inclusive of GST and service charge. Not too bad in my opinion cause it was split between the 3 kids so each of us paid about $27. If you want to give it a try, Mayim has two outlets available in bukit batok and yishun.

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