Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Hair Butcher

I made a decision today. I would cut my hair short. Remember the Victoria Beckham bob hair cut that was so popular last year, spurring about half of my friends to impulsively chop off their long locks for a more refreshing and cooling change. 

I decided to do that a year later. 

How i look like now

Okay, you guys probably can tell that its an illusion. I just simply tied up the rest of my hair and let the front few strands dangle. But it does look like the bob hair cut, doesnt it? Or is it just me?

Aside from that illusion, my hair really did get butchered off. No kidding. I went into the salon intending to just snip my fringe shorter but that wasnt the case. Once i took off my specs, i was as blind as a bat and basically couldn't see what the person was doing. So i assumed i was in safe hands cause all i wanted was a shorter fringe and to trim off my split/damaged ends. I mean, how could it go wrong?

I assumed wrong, the lady took off about 3 inches of my hair!! Holy shit, 3 inches isn't just a little trim, its a freaking normal cut. 3 inches could have been [          this long             ] but for me it almost seemed liked it was [                      this long                         ]  My hair is too damn short for my liking now! I was so upset when i stepped out cause it was never my intention to cut this much of my hair. Its mad i tell you, because it takes me millions of years (okay, i exaggerate) to grow my hair out to the previous length that it was and bloody 10 mins for it to be all gone.  

Maybe because i never expected to cut this much of my hair which explains why im so upset over it. Although some people have told me that i look refresher and nicer with this cut, im still not psyched about it because my own family commented that i cut too much and its quite short now. So much for positive encouragement huh. Besides, i look even more kiddy now with my shorter fringe and that sucks even more. Argh. i just cant wait for it to quickly grow out now.

My previous hair length

Disgruntled customer. Look how short my ponytail is!!

When it all falls down

The length, the length :(

Trying to find that positive side to this situation and all i can say is maybe i'll be less hot with Singapore's humid weather. There, positive side. 

Chubby cheeks. 

Just in case. Those are knees, not boobs. 

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