Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Celebrating your big 21st: Making it special

Your birthday is that one time of the year when you can dress up nicely, feel appreciated and have as much fun as you want because you are the star. And when you think of your 21st birthday celebration, you think of big parties at function rooms and venues that can fit over a 100 guests and you look back and see the people in your life that truly cared about you.
But if you're someone like me, who doesnt like the hassle or planning and organizing a large scale party, here are some other  options that you can use to still make your 21st special and meaningful.

1. Go on a trip

Venture into a foreign land with some of your closest friends and spend a good trip just taking in the sights. For me, i took a plane down to the Land of Smiles, otherwise known as Bangkok with my friends, a trip that was mostly paid for by my parents as my birthday gift. That was one of my highlights for me, travelling on my own with my friends and having the time of my life! 

My close friends also celebrated their 21st with all of us headed for Bintan, Best times of my life, chilling in our indoor pool, playing at the beach and bonding sessions.

2. Plan outings with different cliques

Im sure all of us have friends that come from different points of our lives. Primary school friends, Secondary school friends, Poly friends, Jc friends, work friends and so on.  In my opinion, i think that lumping all my friends together in one big party would be pretty awkward for all of them as well as tough for me to go and entertain everyone of them. Therefore, go for different outings planned with your individual cliques. This way, you get to celebrate your 21st more than once!

3. Family First

Celebrating your 21st with your family is a must. They're the ones that will stick with you through thick and thin. What better way to keep your 21st simple than spending it with some good family bonding time. You can choose between having dinner at your favourite restaurant or savouring home cooked meals in the comfort of your own home. 

So for those of you who are celebrating your 21st this year, i hope this helps. 
Wishing you a happy 21st and may you have a smashing good time! 

But i am just a little girl,

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