Saturday, February 25, 2012

Exploring local sights part 1

My very first post on exploring our local sights. Over the next few weeks, i will be exploring singapore's famous tourists spots once more and tell you if they've changed, gotten better or worst and let you know if they're worth the trip! In the weeks to come, i'll poke my face down at places such as the zoo, the bird park and museums. 

First up is the Night Safari
Attraction factor: 3.5/5

Located at Mandai road, this popular tourist attraction is home to many nocturnal animals. For the price of $32sgd per person, you will be entitled to tour the area as well as go on a tram ride that brings you up close and personal to some of the cutest and most majestic animals in the world.

The tram ride took us to see mousedeers, elephants, giraffes, lions and my favourite, the Asian otters because they are so adorable and they make cute whiny noises. I stood at their exhibit for a good 10 minutes just watching them play in the water and watch the adult otters laze. Cutest things you'll ever see. However, my experience was dampened by some very unpleasant people during the tram ride who were rowdy and making a scene. I was later soothed by the fabulous sights of the Night Safari during the different trails that allow visitors to take a closer look at the animals.

Anyway, this is how baby Asian otters look like!


Unfortunately, i didnt take any pictures of the animals or the night safari because well my camera is pretty bad in dark lighting and i didnt bring it out. Anyway, for those checking out the night safari, please remember that no flash photography is allowed because the flash hurts the animals' eyes and they may go blind in future! So protect our beloved animals okay!

The Creatures of the Night show by the Night Safari also showcases some of the many talented animals that they have there including their friendly pet, Maggi that had me jumping out of my seat, screaming and running as far away from her as i can. If you can guess, Maggi is a.... snake. A rather huge and long although harmless but still scary creepy snake. The show also feature wolves, fishing cats and of course, the Asian otters. Dont let me spoil the show, you have to see it for yourself!

For the brave hearted, the Night Safari also offers exhibits that allow you to walk into the habitats of bats, birds and flying squirrels. Of course i was too chicken to do that because i dont particularly fancy having bats flying all over my head but for the more courageous ones, especially guys, these exhibits are pretty cool.

Overall, the Night Safari has been an amazing experience considering it is my first time there. Although i didnt manage to walk through the whole place, i would definitely go back and visit it once more!  For people who are worried that you will be unable to see the animals there because its in the night, do not worry! The whole place is brightly lit so that you will see be able to see and photograph the animals properly.

For more information, check out their website at

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