Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Being pretty is hard work

Appearance matters and first impressions count. So while makeup can help you achieve flawless skin and perfectly primped eyes, there are some other ways that you can help to achieve that natural glow.


The dreaded "E" word. I know that some of you are as lazy as me and are perfectly contented with sitting at our desks and typing on the computer all day long. 

But while the thought of exercise may be horrifying unglamorous (sweaty pits, oily faces) and leave sore muscles in its path of destruction, it is one of the most useful ways to improve our complexion and bodily functions. Best of all, exercising is an inexpensive way of getting fitter and becoming healthier! And makes you one step closer to attaining that rosy glow that blushers cannot achieve.

Start slow and remember not to rush right into a aggressive workout. 
You have to give your body time to familiarize and comprehend what you are doing. 
Choose to hit the gym, do sports or find alternative ways such as zumba or spin cycle classes to exercise. For me, i chose dance as my exercise. I loved moving my body to the music and do not be fooled, dancing works up a big pile of sweat for me! 


Drinking an adequate amount of water is sufficient for the body to expel our toxins and prevent illnesses such as urinary tract infections. 

However, there is no scientific proof that the common saying that you have to drink eight glasses of water a day is true. Instead, some doctors have said that drinking too much water can cause adverse effects on the body such as low blood sodium levels. So remember to drink sufficient water but also remember not to overdrink! In my opinion, i feel that we subconsciously know best how much water to intake for our own bodies.


I seriously dont know how people can look so pretty in their sleep. The world is just so unfair.
But anyway, sleep is highly important because firstly, it recharges our brain and allows our brain cells to repair themselves! So if you want to maintain your intelligence, sleep more! 
Sleep also helps to keep our heart healthy, reduces stress and prevents cancer! More importantly, sleep can help us to lose weight because it affects our hormones in our body that affects our appetite. And the other benefit of sleep is that it repairs our cells that were damaged due to ultra violet rays or other harmful exposures and produces protein for our body. 

So there you have it, the three important criteria to achieving a better, healthier and prettier you.
I will be embarking on a new lifestyle change this year and i cant wait to see the results!

But i am just a little girl,

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