Sunday, February 19, 2012

Singapore Airshow 2012

Went to the Singapore Airshow 2012 at Changi Exhibition Centre. Was supposed to meet up at 815am for breakfast and for the long journey there because i stay in the West but i overslept and woke up at 840am. Finally reached the airport at 11 and took a shuttle bus from Terminal 2 to the exhibition centre.  By the time we reached there. the crowd was massive but crowd control was good. No long waits and everything was quite smooth(:

Quickly went into the exhibition centre cause the weather was so hot! Yesterday's weather was quite nice though! Sunny in the morning but cooling and rainy in the afternoon.

Kids Pretending to be Pilots

Some of the ranks for the Singapore Air Force

Pilot's outfit


Miscellaneous gadgets

Engine Parts

Went out and saw real life fighter planes as well as commercial planes! Singapore Airlines carrier was seriously huge! The biggest of all the planes stationed there. Im so sorry sorry but most of the pictures that i took have people around it cause everyone was always so eager to take photos with the planes and sit inside the cockpits but the queue was super long. I don't know how people can do it!

Threatening skies. So lucky we managed to see everything before it started raining

Unmaned Aircraft

i took a short video of the queue for one of the US aircrafts! Can you see how long the queue is? Almost like a queue for purchasing a new iPhone.

See how huge the SIA aeroplane is!

Commercial planes from Qantas and others

I love the exhibition cause its so cool! And i took several pictures with pilots and staff from the United States and United Kingdom. They were so nice and friendly and were happily smiling for the massive crowd of people who wanted to snap a photo with them. I like seeing how they are the real unsung heroes from the US not some fake pilot from acting school. It's much more awestruck seeing them then seeing a celebrity who acted as a pilot in a war film or something. I mean actors are pretty awesome too, but these pilots and staff deal with real life situations everyday of their lives. So much more honourable and so much more pride.

i smiled too happily in this picture that my eyes are a single line

Had so much fun this time at this exhibition. Was supposed to head to the night safari but a change in plans left me at one of the cosplay cafes in Boat Quay and then Timbre for a friend's 21st. The band at Timbre wasnt as impressive as the one that i listened to previously at the Substation. So gonna drag my friends back there and listen to the Good Fellas perform once more! 

But i am just a little girl,

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