Monday, February 27, 2012

My favourite eyeliner

Ever hear of the saying "Eyes are the windows to your soul" ? Well then if windows can be decorated with curtains or stained glass, your eyes can too!
Today, I'll be talking about the essential makeup tool that every girl has to have or use at some point of their lives.
Make a guess....... *cues drum roll*

ITS EYELINER! (oh wait, the post title gave that away... never mind)

Over the years, I've tried many eyeliners (expensive and non expensive, brand or no brand) and found myself in a predicament. You see, many eyeliners claim to be smudge proof and waterproof and long lasting but every time I put on my eyeliner, halfway throughout the day, I look like this

or this

Sadly enough, I dont look as adorable as the panda or as pretty as the model so i definitely do not want my eyeliner to smudge cause i wont look that good (trust me) So where can i find an eyeliner that is suited for my oily eyelids and doesnt smudge when i smile?

Introducing the...


This amazing liquid eyeliner, dries fast, does not smudge easily, definitely waterproof, tried and tested and its lasts me an entire day without the need for touch ups. The brush is fine and it glides on very smoothly onto the eye leaving a rich and vibrant streak of black in its path. Because the 1 day tattoo eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner, i would not recommend it for first time users. Liquid eyeliners generally require some skill and practice and your hand has to be stable. But if you're confident! I say go for it

see the fineness as compared to pencil and gel liners

Without makeup

With only eyeliner (you probably cant see the difference because my double eyelids always cover the eyeliner and i dont do dramatic eyeliner like some others do)

Do not worry that the K palette one day tattoo will be a hassle to remove because its so hardly and smudge proof, it comes away easily using my BIORE Cleansing Sheets that i absolutely swear by. The sheets remove all my makeup easily and smell so nice! And I have never met a makeup remover parallel to my Biore cleansing sheets. Been introducing them to my family and friends and they all love it too!

Do take note that what works for me may not work for you and vice versa and for some of you, it may be a long tedious and expensive process to find that perfect eyeliner that suits you and all your requirements but when you do, its PURE JOY.

Ending off this post with a picture of me and a blue penguin. And the someone who insists that penguins are blue even though its only common sense to know that penguins are black and white!

But i am only a little girl,

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