Thursday, February 23, 2012

My SUPER VAIN self shot camera

This is my SUPER VAIN self shot camera, the Samsung ST700

I got my Samsung ST700 camera sometime last year during the IT fair. I was contemplating it for awhile because i really liked its dual lcd function. I know, SUPER awesome for people who are vain like me. It also contains a myriad of functions such as frames and photo templates. It even includes a pose guide that teaches you how to pose! I finally decided to get it when i realised that the price dropped to $295 during the IT show when its original price was $400ish.

Love the camera though it cannot compare to my canon cameras in terms of picture quality and anti shake. I've experienced a lot of blur photos and bad quality in pictures with this camera especially when its taken at night. Unlike my previous canon cameras, i feel that my ST700 can only capture pictures well in the day or somewhere with strong lighting else the picture comes out really bad. I still love its dual LCD function and i totally enjoy my camera for the price that i paid!

Here are some pictures that i took using the different templates. Okay, please be warned that i have a lot of act cute poses. And that my face generally looks the same in most pictures. Thats because i only know how to pose these few ways.

Normal Day Lighting

Classic/Black and White




So as you can see, i basically either smile or do the close mouth smile. Most of the time, my natural instinct is to smile or put up a peace sign. Sigh, i need to be more innovative with my poses!

But i am just a little girl,

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