Saturday, February 18, 2012

Product Review- Himalaya Neem Facial Wash

Just got this new facial cleanser from Watsons cause the sales lady said it was good for sensitive skin.

Do you sometimes feel that after washing your face, it feels tight and drying? That's because the chemicals in some facial washes can be very harsh on sensitive skin. Thats what i feel after using my previous few cleansers even reputable ones such as Hada Labo and Nivea.

The Himalaya Neem Face Wash is chemical and soap free hence its not so harsh on sensitive skin. I just got it yesterday so i've tried it ever since and i got to say i love this feeling of not rushing off to put moisturiser straight away after washing my face. The best part is the cleanser also helps the reduction of oil so for those with oily or dry skin or both, this cleanser is a good choice!

Next time you're at watsons, pick up your bottle of Neem facial wash!

But i am just a little girl,

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