Wednesday, February 22, 2012

School days

Tuesdays is school day. 
Though i dread the heavy bags, im beginning to enjoy school a lot. Now, the sad thing is im graduating soon. Like really soon. Too soon for my liking, in fact. Towards the 3rd quarter of this year, i'll probably be done with school and go out to join the corporate world. Its not that im not excited for that change in life too but having been out in the corporate life before, studying is a much enjoyable alternative. As well as one that doesn't require early mornings, if you choose your classes wisely that is.

My life's perfect right now. I dont have Monday blues cause work starts at 4pm. Tuesdays are school days. Repeats mon's schedule on wed. Thursday is another school day. And my weekends are free for studying, playing and slacking.

Additionally, might be thinking of pursuing psychology as a part time student :x

On another side note, Im so happy i got a new hair curler and a new speaker at a good deal! And finally remembered to replenished the makeup remover wipes in my room! I swear by Biore's Cleansing Sheets that are so effective in removing makeup. Oh, the little things in life makes me happy. Quite weird how retail therapy even for the most miscellaneous stuff can keep me happy. Ohwell.

But i am just a little girl,

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