Sunday, March 30, 2014


I'm so Egg-cited!

Because on Sat, i became the photographer to my gorgeous cousin, Sam Mitzi ( and we got some really incredible shots! Can't wait to show a few snippets here. It really helped that Sam was so model-esque to start with so all i did was gave her a few comments on what we could try and press the shutter.
 I'm so proud of myself for not failing terribly. 

Also, for all you patient readers, Tim and i have finally completed our I date for our ABC dating series! It definitely took us long enough but it was so fun once again. I blogged once on how 2 weeks back we tried setting up this I date but it was an epic disaster. Read the date that went wrong here. But after that experience, i got lots of great advice from my family and friends and thanks to them, our I date was the perfect setup that i had in mind. And i couldn't have done it without my other half, Tim:)

So yes, im super "egg"cited to show you guys what i've done over the weekend since it was such a good one and i love sharing ideas for other couples to take inspiration from.
Hold on for the posts this upcoming week. 

Till then,

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