Sunday, March 9, 2014


Once in awhile, its okay to mess up. 

If you followed me on instagram, you'll know that a few weeks back, my I date installment for our ABC Dating didn't go exactly as planned. Perhaps taking a break rattled my creative juices and suddenly executing a themed date seemed like a huge challenge, like i've bitten off more than i could chew. 

Everything went wrong, nothing looked the way i imagined it to be, i got electrocuted by loose wires and there in the mess i've created, i sat on the ground walloping in my own desperation to be "creative" and to pull off another surprise for him while fighting the urge to text him and say "I can't do it"
I succumbed eventually and did it anyway and the boy arrived at my doorstep with food and cleaned up whatever i've destroyed. 

Here's the pile of mess i ended up with. 
I had no idea what was i thinking wrapping fairy lights on a ladder. 

And despite it all, there really is a good side to every problem i face. 
There's a good side with Tim and his patience and understanding and his willingness to do this with me even though i wanted this to be a surprise for him. And then there's friends and families who so generously offered love, strength and advice when i spoke of the difficulties i had in planning this I date.
Because of all these good things in my life, i'm optimistic that this idea i have in my head can materialize as i envisioned it. And it all can become a reality. 

Thanks to all those that were incredibly supportive and helpful in this trying time.
This I date will come true. 

Till then,

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