Thursday, March 13, 2014


Since the start of this year, Tim officially joined the working world alongside me, fighting the corporate battle.  And i have to say, we are not impervious to this change and this new environment has been impacting our romance by quite a bit. 

Why i say so is because at the end of each day, we've become two deadbeat zombies that cannot wait to crawl into bed after a mind-numbing work day.
That's all we're really interested in.
Dinner and sleep.

Which suitably explains the lack of dating posts or anything remotely close to an update on my blog. Because i've been doing nothing but sleep and squeeze in the time to exercise 30 mins a day. And  weekends are just for the compensation for all the sleep we’ve lost during the weekdays and by the time we're up,  half a day has passed us by. The rest of our scarce time is usually spent with families and friends until the wee hours of the morning in which we get too tired once again.
Oh, it's a vicious cycle i tell you. 

I'm honestly baffled by how a working couple can keep the romance alive in their relationship when Tim and i, as young as we are, are always
Too tired to function

Finances also play a huge part in this downfall of romance as well because suddenly as a working adult, you're capable of earning your keep and paying your own bills that used to be paid for by your parents. And boom! you're saddled with study loans and miscellaneous bills that keep your eyeballs up to debt and you wonder if this will be your life for your entire life. So much so that dating seems to become an additional burden to bear especially with Singapore being voted as the most expensive city to live in. 
It just one-ups the entire depressing situation we have on hand right now. 

In this case, how in the world are we supposed to keep the romance alive? I know it's definitely doable but i would presume also incredibly challenging and requires super budget-planning skills.
I definitely hope this is not our future in time to come.

So as one half of a working couple, wish me luck while i hunt for the tips and tricks to surviving this romance apocalypse. We need to keep our love alive!

Till then,

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