Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Last weekend, our family took a trip down to Batam for Indonesian food, shopping, cheap massages and A&W. It was fun while it lasted and ideal for short trips on short notices.

We don't always spend a lot of time together because we're all busy doing our things. Sometimes, i'm guilty to say that plans made with friends or Tim presides over my family plans. I may not have understood the value of family time back in my younger days, always so eager to get out of the house, to go play, to do something other than stay at home. 
But i do now.

We all learn from experiences. 
It wouldn't be the same if i went back in time and told the 15 year old me that someday, i'll come to cherish my family a lot more in time to come. That i will stop fighting with my sister over clothes and i will come to dote on my brother like any other older sister would and that i would finally know the sacrifices and challenges that my parents went through to bring this family together. 
No, the 15 year old me wouldn't understand, wouldn't think so far ahead.

I had to go through the growing up stage on my own and come to that realization all by myself.
I think it doesn't matter that it took me 24 years to appreciate my family. Because at least at some point of my life, i've finally learned to trust, believe and fall back on them in all times.

The people in my house will always be the most important people in my life despite it all. 

To family.

Till then,

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